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XtraMile Creative offers a broad range of products and services particularly tailored to suit the below-the-line needs of the automotive industry. However, it is also able to create industry and target-specific creative solutions in the broader corporate environment.

Our products include:

Print publishing
Creating printed products – brochures, inserts, booklets, books – from customer-provided material.

Custom publishing
Specifically targeted publishing products.

Conceptualisation and origination of visual design.

Media kits
A comprehensive press kit service that includes everything from conceptualisation to commissioning editorial and photography, as well as editing,
designing and finally printing the actual product,
together with digital components.

Arguably the most important aspect of a new car launch is the route. Finding just the right combination of roads
to show off the essential character and capabilities of a vehicle, be it a high-performance roadster or a rugged 4x4, is a specialist task. It includes an initial area recce, route compilation and verification, and route schedule design and printing.

Event management
A turnkey service that starts with brainstorming concepts, continues through feasibility and initial reconnaissance phases to planning, execution and supervision of the actual event. Includes press services, photographic commissions and even web-based components.

Web design
Creating simple, striking and fast-loading corporate websites or topic/launch-specific websites. TOP

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